Sustainable Eel Fisheries in Natura 2000

Sustainable Eel Fisheries in Natura 2000


Dissemination session

The European eel, on its way to recovery

October, 25th, 2018

Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO). Lo Pagán, San Pedro del Pinatar

The eel co-management workshop is carried out with the objective of improving the knowledge and management of the European eel, sharing the information obtained throughout the project with related social and economic sectors (fishermen) and the responsible Administration, as well as establishing some first proposals to improve the planning and normative regarding the fishing of the species.

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9 am- 2 pm


Updating of the available information about the state and management of the European eel

Eel management in the Murcia Region. The management plan for the eel, present and proposals for the future.
Mr Emilio María Dolores Pedrero. General Administration of Agriculture, Livestock, Fishing and Aquaculture. Department of Water, Agriculture, and Environment. CARM.

The illegal traffic of the species. Situation and proposals to improve the management.
Mr Juan Carlos Hernández Roca. Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Spanish military police.

Eel Fishery (Anguilla Anguilla) in the Mar Menor.
Mrs Ana Muñoz (biologist of the Brotherhood) and Mr Jesús Gómez Escudero (Main Skipper of the Brotherhood). Fishermen’s Brotherhood of San Pedro del Pinatar.

Biological monitoring of the eel in the Segura River and the irrigation network in the Huerta of Murcia.
Paz Parrondo Celdrán y Mr David Verdiel. Columbares Association.

The eels of the Mar Menor: ten years of study.
Mrs Pilar Muñoz Ruiz. Department of Animal Health. Faculty of Veterinary (UMU).

Eel monitoring in the littoral of the Iberian Southeast.
Mr Antonio Zamora. Department of Zoology. Faculty of Biology (UMU) / ANSE.

European eel: state and main threats.
Mrs. Estibaliz Díaz Silvestre. AZTI.

Conclusions of monitoring and management proposals for the species.

Time for questions and proposals in the afternoon

2 pm – 4 pm


4 pm – 7 pm


The situation and management of fisheries in the Mar Menor.
Workshop for joint management of the European eel.

  • Proposals for the improvement of knowledge about fisheries and eels.
  • Proposals for the management of fisheries and eels.
  • Participatory methodology coordinated by WWF/ANSE and ANSE.
  • Closing of the conference.

Free actions financed by the EMFF (European Maritime and Fisheries Fund)

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